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50 Years of Ski Shows


By Pete Meiklejohn with thanks to contributors, Beth Bax and Pat Meighan


August, 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the Chain Skiers. The club was started by myself, Pat Meighan, and Bob Lund. The first meeting was held in June 1972, at the Indian Crossing Casino. After several meetings and numerous rehearsals, the first ski show was presented on Sunday, August 13, 1972. Held at the Grand Army Home Waterfront, the show was a complete success. The actual ski jump on Rainbow Lake has a storied history and I thought you would enjoy reading about it and if you were lucky enough to be around the Chain in the early 1970s, maybe you will remember some of this....

See the full article HERE, published in the Waupaca Chain O Lakes Association newsletter, Spring 2022.

The Waupaca Historical Society:
The Chain Skiers 2019
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