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Become a Chain Skier

Waupaca Chain Skiers is a competitive water ski show team that has been a fixture on the Chain O' Lakes since the 1960s. Today the club has more than 75 active members and is ALWAYS looking to add more. We are a team dedicated to strengthening families – yours and ours.


Our club emphasizes safety, team building, friendship and skills development for “kids” from 4 to 60 years old. We have everything needed to ensure all members, regardless of skill level, are able to participate and enjoy time with the team on or off the water, including skiing, announcing, acting, creative direction, costuming, boat driving, or helping with safety on the docks and in the boats.  No experience is required to join;  we'll show you the ropes!


We’re confident that your whole family will find the experience both fun and rewarding. We have skilled and knowledgeable skiers on hand at all practices to provide instruction and to guide our developing skiers.


Land practices run from March - May and water practices begin in June at the Wisconsin Vets Home: TUES/WED/THUR 5-8pm, MON/WED 10am-1pm, FRI 1-4pm

Membership Fees

$150 per skier

$20 per non-skier

*All members under the age of 16 must join with an adult.

*All members must have active memberships with USA Water Ski and the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation.

Chain Skier Membership application

USA Water Ski


Contact us at for more information, or complete the form below.

Thank you! We will be in touch.

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